A variety of functional fibers, high-temperature-resistant flame retardant fibers belong to one of them. What exactly is it?

- Sep 07, 2017-

High performance carbon fiber and aramid fiber. Carbon fiber high temperature, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, a large number of aeronautical equipment, construction materials. Aramid fiber resistant to high temperature, flame retardant and high toughness, can be made into a variety of protective clothing, fire suits and bulletproof clothing and so on. Flame-retardant polyester is due to the polyester molecule containing phosphorus atoms and the fiber has a flame-retardant properties, it is mainly used in hospitals, insurance industry, decorative fabrics and industrial fabrics.

The flame retardant polypropylene fiber is made by traditional process treatment or adding additive in the polymer formula to obtain the flame retardant properties of polypropylene fiber. The product is mainly used for curtains, wall and decorative cloth; melamine fiber is a new type of high-temperature resistant fiber, its flexibility is very high, with a certain degree of flame retardant, can be used in the field of fire.