About Principles of Electrostatic Flocking Production

- Jul 24, 2019-

   Electrostatic flocking originated in Germany in the 1930s, and the domestic electrostatic flocking industry started in the 70s.

Electrostatic flocking is a kind of processing technology that uses the ionization physical phenomenon to flock the surface of the object. Due to its new technology, high production efficiency and low import barriers in developed countries, the development of electrostatic flocking in China has developed rapidly in recent years. The fabrics are mainly medium and low grade products.

Its production principle: According to the different direction of fluff flying, flocking processing can be divided into descent method, ascending method, lateral leap method and downward leap method.

More than 80% of the domestic flocking processing equipment adopts the descent method, so the descent method is taken as an example to illustrate its working principle.

The upper plate is a plate metal frame, and the lower plate is a metal plate bracket on which a base fabric to be flocked with an adhesive is printed, and the upper and lower plates are respectively connected by wires to generate high voltage static electricity. Positive and negative outputs on the device. The fluff in the hopper falls onto the negative pole of the metal mesh due to the rotation of the hair shaft. The fluff is charged due to the contact of the negative electrode during the landing, resulting in partial alignment in the direction of the electric field. At the same time, the fluff is polarized in the electric field, and the charge of the polar polarity system is concentrated at the end far from the negative electrode, while the positive charge is concentrated at the end close to the negative electrode. When the fluff is in contact with the negative electrode, since the conductivity of the electrode is higher than that of the fluff, a conductive current is generated in the fiber, and the fluff generates a negative electrostatic charge, so that the fluff has a large straightness and flying in the electric field, and the fly height is relatively high. The speed drops vertically onto the base fabric on which the adhesive is printed to form a flat flocked surface. In the electrostatic flocking process, in addition to charging due to contact, the fluff is charged by the polarization of the entering electric field, which ensures the movement of the fluff to the positive and negative directions, and promotes the continuous operation of the fluff in a uniform electric field, so that the fluff is upright and The base fabric surface does not lie flat on it,

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