Characteristics and application range of flocking cloth

- Aug 05, 2019-

    Many of the objects we use every day are flocked. Through the flocking process, objects have greater characteristics and functions. In addition to the visual special effects, flocking products include:

○ exquisite surface effect

○ Higher visual evaluation

○ gorgeous rich colors

Flocked products meet most industrial technical requirements, such as:



○ Prevent noise caused by vibration

○ Smooth sense of movement

○ Water resistance

○ Touch protection at high temperatures

○ reduce noise

○ high absorption function

○Anti-skid function

The above is just an example of some of the features and functions of flocking products.

When used for appearance and design, flocking is the ideal process to achieve a unique structural composition.

The purpose of electrostatic flocking is to use the surface of the object to become delicate. The process flow itself illustrates this point. The following summarizes the range of application feasibility that has been proven to be reliable:

1, packaging line: ▲ all kinds of jewelry box ▲ wine box ▲ glasses box ▲ honor certificate ▲ color printing gift box ▲ pharmaceutical packaging ▲ high-end cosmetics leather box ▲ bundle pocket

2, crafts: ▲ festive supplies ▲ photo frame back ▲ literature ▲ crafts ▲ decorations

3, electronic automotive industry: ▲ home appliances ▲ digital ▲ automotive industry ▲ medical equipment, etc.

Flocking can be applied to almost any object surface.

According to different flocking materials, electrostatic flocking can be divided into: three-dimensional flocking, flocking fabric, flocking

Shenzhen Jinfengsheng stocks a large number of non-woven bottom flocking fabrics, spunlace bottom flocking fabrics, knitted bottom flocking fabrics, warp-knitted flocking fabrics, silk-bottomed flocking fabrics, cotton-bottomed flocking fabrics and other substrates. The flocking products are of stable quality, low price, many colors and complete varieties. Additional technology: self-adhesive/adhesive (glued water: water gel and oil gel), slitting, punching, embossing, etc. Can also meet various environmental requirements.

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