Composition of flocking cloth

- Jul 30, 2019-

 Hello! Hello everyone, today is Friday, Xiaobian has come to share the knowledge of flocking cloth~~ Let us guide you one by one:

The following is the business scope of Jinfeng Shengzhi flocking cloth:

All flocking fabrics are made up of three raw materials: fluff, glue and substrate.

1. Flocking hair can be divided into: cotton wool, nylon, viscose, acrylic, and polyester.

2, glue: mid-range glue, high-grade glue, low-grade glue.

3. Substrate: non-woven fabric, spunlace cloth, silk cloth, cotton cloth, knitted fabric, etc., other fabrics.

The three seemingly simple raw materials actually have many complicated processes. The effect of any material configuration is completely different, of course, the price will be different, and Jinfeng Sheng flocking cloth and post-processing of flannel, such as: washing, embossing, printing, anti-static, resistance Burning and so on, so many customers who directly ask for quotes, really asked our customer service! Generally, customers who have physical samples are recommended to send physical samples to us to identify the quality of the flannel according to the professional and compare the quotation with Jinfengsheng, so that the quotation is the most accurate!

Choose the right flannel to find Jin Fengsheng! Shenzhen Jinfengsheng specializes in producing flocking cloth for 14 years, you can trust! Hurry to call the Jinfengsheng line, professionals are waiting for you!