How to distinguish between Huai Bu and colored woven gauze

- Sep 07, 2017-

The types of gauze products are divided into Huai Bu, printing Huai Bu also colored woven gauze, gauze finished product is also a variety of flower type, color diversity, this is easy to lead to a lot of people can not distinguish, small weave how to distinguish between color weaving, printing two kinds of gauze.

Dyed gauze is in advance according to the custom color of the yarn dyed, and then on the machine weaving excellent woven gauze. This kind of gauze product color uniformity, the colour is softer compared with printing Huai Bu in terms of dyeing yarn, weaving, finishing, such as the total loss is relatively large, Taiwan output is not as large as pure cotton grey fabric, so the cost will be higher. Huai Bu City first weaving pure cotton fabric, bleaching treatment, printing and dyeing. Printing Huai Bu is generally one-sided printing and dyeing, positive graphics clear, the back color is lighter, with the hand to clear the cotton, the inside of the yarn printing and dyeing is not obvious. Printed gauze product variety, color rich, not easy to fade, the cost is relatively low, cotton gauze itself has a good softness permeability, is a lot of gauze finished production business good choice.