Little knowledge about flocking fastness

- Jul 24, 2019-

Flocking cloth hair loss?

Is there a flannel that does not fade or fade?图片1

     This is a question frequently asked by many customers. Regarding the problem of flocking cloth falling off, Xiaobian personally has this view:

      The first thing to do about losing hair is the most important to your testing criteria, as well as your actual requirements. If you really want to have a lint-free flocking cloth, you first have to look at your budget cost and whether the price of high-quality flocking cloth is acceptable. The second is to see if you confirm the use of flocking cloth as your raw material, and finally your method of use and use.

     Then let's analyze the composition and hair loss of the flocking cloth. Often contact with flocking cloth, there are three main components of flocking cloth: fluff, glue, and substrate. The fluff of the flocked fabric is thinner than the human hair. Our hair grows out of the human scalp. All the hard dials are dialed off. And the fine fluff can stand on all kinds of substrates and absorb it by glue. And its contact surface with the substrate is also a few filaments. Is the fastness stronger than the hair that grows from the hair? Another fine flocking cloth can be glued to the glue when it is flocked. This has the factor of flocking cloth floating hair, although we will do floating hair treatment in the later stage of production, but it is inevitable that there will be no fish.图片2

     Followed by glue. Everyone knows the glue. It is true that a lot of glue is very sticky and strong, but the strong glue is artificially destroyed. And the price of the glue is quite high. What's more, a lot of glue can't be used for flocking, that is, using the most viscous glue to flock, if you use force to buckle, the fluff will still be easy to fall off.图片3

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