The secret of flocking cloth prices

- Jul 24, 2019-

      Recently, I met many online consulting customers. When I came in together, I asked our customer service staff: How to sell flocking cloth, what is the price? Such a seemingly ordinary problem has made our customer service difficult, because the price of flocking cloth depends on many factors, such as the length of the fluff, the quality requirements, the requirements of the substrate, the overall thickness of the fleece, the number of colors required, and Other additional requirements: adhesive, slitting, environmental protection, washing, etc.

Therefore, we need to know the flocking cloth information about the customer's needs, but when we throw too many questions, the customer will be asked by us. There are too many uncertain factors, so the quotation is not very accurate. In the end, only the approximate price can be reported. Some of the customers who requested the inquiry did not get a satisfactory answer. Of course, we will advise customers to send samples, have physical samples, give our professional and technical personnel to assess the quality, the final offer is the most accurate.

But no matter what kind of quality, we must believe that the truth of a penny. The cheaper the flocking cloth, the better its quality will be affected. The flocking cloth is mainly composed of three parts: fluff, glue and substrate. The flocking cloth is the basic substrate: non-woven fabric, spunlace Cloth, knitted fabric, cotton cloth, silk cloth, tc cloth, warp knitted fabric, etc., there is a certain gap in the price of different substrate raw materials, and the glue will directly affect the overall density, softness, fastness, etc. of the fluff. The fluff is divided into plush and short plush. There are also many kinds of fluff. The flocking fabric can be set up at various prices according to different proportions of the ingredients. Therefore, the quality of the fluff is most directly affected by the flocking fabric, which is directly related to the color of the flocking fabric. Feel, thickness, environmental protection, etc.

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