What is hot melt wire?

- Sep 07, 2017-

Hot Melt Wire, also known as low melting point fiber, is one of the most rapidly developing functional fibers in recent years. Hot melt filament is divided into polyester hot melt silk and nylon hot melt silk two kinds, can adjust the raw material characteristic, the melting point is controlled between 85 ℃ to 180 ℃. In the condition of normal temperature, the hot fuse and other fibers are woven into the fabric, and then under dry or humid conditions, the fabric is pressured, and when the temperature is higher than the melting point, the hot melt is melted gradually. At this temperature, conventional fibres remain unchanged and are bonded by hot melt filaments. Therefore, hot melt silk can replace the glue and other chemical adhesives, to avoid the volatile and powder pollution, environmental protection non-toxic;