What is the characteristic of cashmere fabric?

- Sep 07, 2017-

1. Precious as Gold: wool root and skin above the fluff is called Cashmere, is a very precious textile raw materials, content, high quality, expensive, in the international market enjoy "soft gold" laudatory name.

2. Soft texture, soft luster: cashmere apparel with delicate, soft slippery waxy fine characteristics, the silk-like soft and beautiful natural luster, with charming charm.

3. Thin and warm: a cashmere dress only 300 grams, cashmere fiber fineness in about 15 microns, so the fabric is dense and thin, and natural curl, light and air, so good thermal insulation.

4. Comfortable and flexible, cashmere clothing with good moisture absorption and permeability, intimate wear, feel comfortable, with a unique feel, rich natural flavor color.

5. Health function: Cashmere clothing, can promote hair follicle activity, stimulate blood circulation, help reduce fatigue and health care.