What is the main printing and dyeing process of gauze printing?

- Sep 07, 2017-

Cotton cloth before and after the printing and dyeing to pass the pretreatment, dyeing, finishing, finished inspection four of processes, and then to see the basic forming of printed gauze.

Printed Huai Bu are dyed fabric through the printing and dyeing process, before printing to the fabric of the seam treatment, the main purpose is in the long car production to prevent gauze joints broken in the steam box. The next step is to the original fabric weaving process sizing slurry removed, this process is desizing. (because gauze is a relatively thin textile, direct use of desizing machine can be directly removed) the next step is to have been desizing of the gauze to burn wool processing, as the name implies is to burn the surface of the gauze, to get more smooth gauze. After the gauze after singeing can be pulled up stereotypes, pull the shape is the gauze will be fixed width, convenient for future use of finished products, the former treatment of the shape is not greater than the finished product width is close to or equal to the finished product width. After the shape of the gauze can be bleached treatment. Pure cotton gauze generally uses the double oxygen water bleaching, also called oxygen bleaching. Bleached cotton gauze is more pure and clean.