Flocking Fabric

- Apr 03, 2018-

Flocking is the use of the same physical characteristics of the same charge and repulsion of the same sex, so that the villi with a negative charge, the need to flocking the object placed at zero potential or grounding conditions, the villi by the equipotential attracted by the plant body, was vertical Accelerate the flight to the surface of the object that needs flocking. Because the plant body is coated with adhesive, the villi are stuck vertically on the plant body. Therefore, electrostatic flocking is a new production process that takes advantage of the natural characteristics of the charge.

Flocking fabric applications:

Furniture: Flocked sofas, fabric sofas, curtains made of electrostatic flocking cloth, etc.

Arts & Crafts Industry: Toys, Arts & Crafts, Photo Frame Backs, Gifts of Various Styles, Various Materials

Products, crafts, artificial flowers, craft plastic lanterns, etc. Packaging industry (packaging flocking cloth): jewelry box, health product packaging box, wine box, glasses box, marriage certificate, high-grade certificate skin, wine bottles, bags, stickers, paper (plate) and so on.

Luggage industry: women's handbags, wrist bags, wallets, women's clutches