Is There Any Poison Made From Velvet?

- Sep 07, 2017-

The common concern is that the items made of velvet as raw materials are toxic and side effects because it is harmful to our bodies, but it is not poisonous to investigate and analyze them. For example Velvet Arrowroot, the main reasons are as follows:

1, Velvet arrowroot It is mainly produced in Brazil, its own characteristics are like moist and half overcast environment, as well as it is not hardy, afraid of drying.

2, velvet arrowroot suitable for its growth temperature is generally around 17-26 ℃, so generally in this range is conducive to velvet arrowroot, if so, it may make its stems and leaves grow frozen and die.

3, Velvet Arrowroot because of its own conditions make it response to water is more sensitive. Its growth season is also suitable, but also must be fully watered, to keep the basin soil moist. This is basically not poisonous under light and action.

4, it is best not to let the Velvet bamboo dasheen Direct exposure to the sun, in addition to the transport process to set its ambient temperature around 18 ℃, and its relative humidity control in about 70% can be safe storage and transportation.